A Dedicated Family of Chefs

We’ve been creating delicious chicken & pizza  for over 5 years

From Humble Beginings

Flamegrill is a brand that provides products that are made from locally produced ingredients. This makes it cheaper to produce and maintain high standard products. Our flame-grilled chicken is a favorable offer amongst people of all divide because of the naturally produced ingredients but also of its deep fried products.

The founder of flame grill has vast experience gained from various brands. The brand has five outlets in Nairobi –Kenya and its goal is to build a brand that cross borders.
Flamegrill gives each and every customer quality and value for their money. But, that’s not all. We also offer great side orders like potato wedges, chicken and sauce. Our innovation and creativity has enabled us to offer the widest range of pizzas allowing our customers to choose from our range of classic, favorite, signature and something special pizzas. Our pizzas are made with thin crusts, lots of toppings, and the perfect blend of sauces.


To be a fast food brand of choice


To offer unmatched, convenient and affordable fast food products and services